• Hold on to your Breakers Loyalty Card. All current cards remain valid
  • Card holders will receive a *10% discount during the transition period
  • Existing Loyalty members will retain their current tier level and have 12 months to redeem existing points

After feedback from our customers, franchisees and staff, Breakers Restaurants is returning to a more generous, less complicated Loyalty Programme that will reward members with an instant discount, rather than accumulating points.


Our current Loyalty system will be effectively “turned off” on Thursday, November 8, 2018 – the same date that our Breakers Loyaltymate App for smart devices is also decommissioned (seriously, the world already has enough apps anyway, don’t you think?)

We have worked hard to try and ensure there will be minimal inconvenience for our loyal customers during the transition period, but with any major change comes the possibility of a little pain.

To ease that pain, we will be offering a 10% DISCOUNT TO ALL CUSTOMERS WHO PRESENT THEIR LOYALTY CARD while their local Breakers Restaurant is migrated to the new system. (We anticipate the new system will be rolled out at all our restaurants over a period of approximately four weeks).

From November 8, members will no longer earn points, but don’t go throwing those cards away. Current Loyalty members will have their existing points balance transferred to the new system and will have 12 months to redeem those points before they expire. However, members will be unable to access their points until the roll-out at their local Breakers is completed.

We will also honour all outstanding vouchers, but customers MUST present the original notification email, or a printout of the original email, clearly showing the expiry date of the voucher and/or the date the notification email was received. If no expiry date is displayed, we will honour vouchers for a period of ONE MONTH from the date the notification email was received.

We will not be accepting any information contained or displayed within our Breakers Loyaltymate App from Thursday, November 8 onwards.


Once it’s been rolled out, our new Loyalty Programme will reward customers with a discount every time they visit their local Breakers Restaurant.

• Upon joining, “ROOKIE” members will immediately begin to receive a 3% discount*.
• After spending $200 within a 12-month period, you will progress to “AMATEUR” and receive a 5%
• After spending $1,000 within a 12-month period, you will progress to “PRO” and receive a 10%
discount*. The more you spend, the greater discount you receive.

The great news is that all existing Loyalty Members will retain their current tier level – so if you are already a Pro you will immediately qualify for the 10% discount at any Breakers Restaurant which has migrated to the new system – and the current birthday rewards system ($10 birthday voucher for Rookie, $25 for Amateur and $50 for Pro) will also be retained.

On the whole, we believe this new system better rewards our loyal customers while still delivering on our commitment to provide everyday Kiwis with a relaxed, fun and affordable dining experience.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period. If you have any queries or issues, please email

Sincerely, the management team at Breakers Restaurants Ltd.

*T&Cs apply. Members did not earn points on Daily Deals or any other offers or specials (including any local ‘Special Menu’). Likewise, discounts will not apply to these items.

Full T&Cs can be found here