Founded in 1997 by Mark and Penny Burt, Breakers Restaurant has evolved from a ripple to a tsunami – with locations across the North Island in New Zealand, and new restaurants opening in great locations soon.

The first Breakers restaurant was opened in Napier in 1997, and quickly expanded into several locations across New Zealand’s North Island. You can experience our famous Breakers hospitality in Hastings, Taradale, Kapiti Coast, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Gisborne too.

And we’ll keep bringing great Kiwi food, beach vibes and personalised service to you across new locations as we expand in the future. We’ve always been passionate about what we do. Combining our passion with our core values of providing good Kiwi tucker, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, has proved to be the secret to our success.

History and Overview

Breakers Restaurant is a privately run and rapidly expanding chain of innovative and successful hospitality outlets. The success of Breakers has revolved around its core brand values and strong operational procedures.

The first Breakers outlet was founded in Napier in 1997 by owners Mark and Penny Burt. The concept of speed, value for money and relaxed “ego-centric” dining was still in its infancy; however a demand from consumers to determine their own hospitality experience was clearly a powerful pre-emptive need at the time, as it still is today.

Sticking to a proven formula, operational consistency coupled with the passion and adaptability of key staff has led to a rapid expansion of Breakers sites in New Zealand’s North Island. Within 18 years the chain now has sites in Napier, Hastings, Taradale, Kapiti Coast, Mount Maunganui, Wanganui, Palmerston North and Gisborne.

The core of Breakers hospitality business will continue to grow beyond New Zealand, and the overall Breakers model has plans to emerge as a powerful kiwi leisure and lifestyle brand with offerings in other emerging consumer products and services.

The Breakers Brand

At the centre of what we do in our hospitality operation is a need to be aware of exactly what Breakers stands for.

A company’s brand is its most valuable asset. The people, product, image, physical and intellectual capital of a business all fall under the “value” of the company’s brand. A brand is an asset that is the total sum of a company’s worth – it is precious. It is the image, or perception that your customers have about your company – it is the feeling they get when they encounter your operations, people or product.

If you do not value your brand, customers will not want to invest in you.

“Breakers is lifestyle.” Yes, our core product up until now may be hospitality through our restaurant, however, our customers have much broader interests, and so our offerings should equally match this need and desire.

For instance, if you trust Breakers to provide you with a good time when you go out for a meal or a drink with your friends, wouldn’t you also trust Breakers to provide you with a good choice in terms of the clothes you wear, the places you stay or the magazines you read?