Find out more about our gnarly Groms characters below.

Colour in your favourite Groms character and you could win the FULL collectable cup range. All entries can be posted to PO Box 340, Napier 4110 OR you can email them to Entries close 26th March 2018.

Name: Ocean

Age: 8 years old

Town: Kapiti Coast

Hobbies: I love hanging out at the beach with my friends. When it’s sunny me and my friends like to go to the beach and go boggie boarding and catch the massive waves and sometimes my dog comes to the beach with me.

Favourite Groms meal: The Cowabunga Cheeseburger and chips!!

Favourite Mocktail: The Breakers wave – yummo. 

Here is my colouring in picture. 

Name: Coral

Age: 4 

Town: Hawkes Bay

Hobbies: I love going to the beach with my older Tom and watch him catch really big waves on his surfboard. I usually hang out with my mum and we build cool as sandcastles. Once we made a mermaid. It was so much fun.

Favourite Groms Meal: I LOVE the cutback crabstick. 

Favourite Mocktail: Frozen. Because I love the movie.

Here is my colouring in picture. 

Name: Sandy

Age: 8

Town: Tauranga 

Hobbies: I’m learning how to kitesurf. My Dad has taught me down at Papamoa. We try and go after sports on Saturday. I am getting better. I think I will be able to do it on my own soon but Dad thinks I have a bit more practice to go

Favourite Groms Meal: Every time I go to Breakers I ask Mum if I can have the Pipeline chicken wrap. Sometimes I can’t eat it all so I get to take it home in those really cool food boats they come in. 

Favourite Mocktail: The Spider!! I like to leave the ice cream till last and I drink all the coke first. 

Here my colouring in picture. 

Name: Sky

Age: 11

Town: Gisborne

Hobbies: I joined the Gisborne surf life-saving team last year and we have training every week. I’ve made some really nice friends there. I also am part of a swimming club. I like to hang out with my friends and we usually get an ice cream and go to the beach and go for a swim if it’s sunny in the weekends or after school (if i’ve done all my homework). 

Favourite Groms meal: Off the hook fish & chips are the BEST. 

Favourite Mocktail: Millie Mouse. I like the pink marshmallows. They are my favourite.

Heres my colouring in picture. 

Name: Tom

Age: 12

Town: Hawkes Bay

Hobbies: I love to surf. I started when I was 5. Every time I know there is good swell I ask friends (& my mum) to go to the beach. I am going to become a pro surfer when I am older.  I am part of the surf lifesaving club. That’s how I know Sky. I am trying to teach my younger sister Coral but she’s still very young. Mabey next year.

Favourite Groms meal: Hang 10 hotdogs and chips dude. Yummmm.

Favourite Mocktail: The traffic light. Have you seen that? The colours are awesome. 

Heres my colouring in picture. 

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